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Jackson Personal Trainer


 Stubborn Fat Loss


Introducing BootCamp SUPERTRAINING!

Hey there, Tammy here.

I’ve overdone it with my fitness program secrets that have kept clients coming to me over the years for a magic hat trick that would provide them with lightening-like fat loss.

Indeed, I have pulled a few rabbits out of my hat for heaps of folks in the past.

I have logged numerous hours both inside the gym and out attempting to crack the code for rapid fat loss over the years.

Client after client have come to me with a seemingly mission impossible to be accomplished, and my stubborn fat loss blueprint has proved to garnish impressive results for clients who have followed it.

So why is my blueprint sooooo special?  Simple:  I have the only BootCamp SUPERTRAINING! program for men and women in the Jackson Metro area.

To unlock the secrets to stubborn fat loss, we’ll need to train in short bursts of high intensity at least 3 x per week.  We’ll also monitor your caloric intake.  You’ll be eating the optimal amount of calories for creating a fat furnace while increasing muscle tone.

Here’s What Will Happen When You Discover My Stubborn Fat Loss Blueprint:

  • You will lose the weight that you have only dreamed about until now. With our tailored program, you will not only burn calories during the workout, but you will also burn more calories throughout the entire day and even while at rest (sleep!).  You will learn how to keep this weight off.
  • Your entire body will become lean, and you will see definition (and others will notice).  So … you want solid legs, arms, and abs?  MS Fitness Pro will serve as TERMINATOR for ALL of your problem areas.
  • Increase of energy.  Clients have reported that they’ve experienced such an increase of energy that they literally JUMP out of bed in the morning and feel energetic all day long.  Clients have also reported that they are able to maintain a higher level of concentration and are more productive throughout the day.
  • Improve your mood.  Once you start to look and feel better, you will experience an increased dose of confidence and self-esteem.  This boost can dramatically improve all aspects of your life, and you may kick yourself for not seeking our services sooner.

The following participants lost weight and inches while unlocking my blueprint and then kept on coming back for more.

“I never realized what a life-changing commitment working with Tammy Thomas would be, and what I learned will change the way I look at fitness for the rest of my life. Though the workouts are challenging, they are a lot of fun and always different, and I feel a real sense of pride in myself when I complete a tough workout.”Johnna

“It was time to get healthy. Actually, it was way past time. I knew I needed to commit to a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. After researching area trainers, I chose Tammy and MS Fitness Pro to help me accomplish my goals. Tammy tailored my workouts especially for me which kept me from getting tired of the same old routines. She actually made it fun! I’m seeing results and feeling great at 53 years young.”Liz

“Every time I am trained by Tammy with Mississippi Fitness Pro, I experience the unexpected! I have fun and I feel proud of my accomplishments. Usually, my face is red and I am so happy that my body can still run, jump, lift weights, box and more! Tammy certainly pushes me to the NEXT level and makes me feel very ALIVE!”Beth Paxton

“Tammy has taught me a variety of ways to keep my core strong. With all of my outdoors excursions, which include backpacking, camping, kayaking and cycling, it helps tremendously to have a variety of way to train the core muscles, and that’s what she has done.”Sue

I’ve noticed a significant decrease in my bodyfat and an increase in my cardiovascular fitness.  I’ve really enjoyed training with Tammy, and I suggest that you do the same.” – V

“I have been training with Tammy for 3 weeks, and I’ve already seen an increase in strength and endurance.  Tammy challenges and encourages me, and I am able to work at my own pace and ability level.”  – Shannon Love.

“Believe it or not, I actually missed being with the team last week.  In doing some extensive walking last week while out of town, some of which included climbing stairs, I was not winded at all … a bit of leg tingle but not winded.  This is a major hurdle.” – Lori Greer

“WOW!  Boot camp week one was rough, but as each week passes, I find myself actually looking forward to the workouts.  You never know what challenges Tammy will have in store.” – Michael Love

“When we first started boot camp, I was concerned about being able to do the exercises.  Tammy shows a lot of care for her trainees and as she said, each week has gotten better.  I feel so much better, and better about myself as well.” – Barry Hardy

Here’s a Recap Of Your Options:

1.     Take action now and be 4-10 pounds lighter one month from today.
2.     Eat more, exercise less, and gain weight.
3.     Do nothing and stay the same

I Know What You’re Thinking What’s The Price Tag?

Month-to-month:  $157.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
If You Don’t Get Results With My Fitness Program, All The Risk Is On Me!

That’s right!  I am so confident in this program that I will guarantee results!  I care about your success.  So if you don’t get results, just let me know, and I’ll issue you a full refund — no hard feelings.

But the first step you need to take in order to find out my blueprint for stubborn fat loss is to contact me asap by calling me at 601-559-5577 or filling out the form below to get started!


  What:   BootCamp SUPERTRAINING!

  When:    6am/6pm M, W, F

  Where:   253 W School St. – Ridgeland.


Caution!  Due to limited spacing, I can only take on a few more new clients for the 6 pm. session.  Contact me NOW and reserve your spot today!

Lets SUPERTRAIN! your way to fitness!

Tammy Thomas, JD, CPT



Call 601-559-5577


Or fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you!